Taking Care for a Birch Tree

Genus Betula, commonly known as the birch tree, is a type of deciduous hardwood that is related closely to the oak or beech family. It includes a couple of varieties. For those who don’t know, 11 of these varieties are considered as a threatened species. However, a lot of homeowners grow them in their landscapes because of their clean and brilliant look.

There are a couple of things you’ve got to understand if you are thinking of planting one or a couple of birch trees to your lawn. Aside from that hiring a Lancaster PA tree service company, here are things you should do to take care of a birch tree.

Pruning a Birch Tree

Pruning is obviously a vital step in keeping your birch tree healthy. Birch trees have to be pruned regularly, regardless of variety. This will ensure optimal development and health. For those who don’t know, pruning includes getting rid of overhanging branches, making sure that they do not hang over your sidewalk or driveway, as well as getting rid of diseased, dying, or dead shoots.

On a couple of occasions, you might also have to get rid of live branches from a birch tree. Perhaps it is an excellent move to get rid of it if a particularly huge branch is blocking sunlight to the rest of the branches. If you don’t want to get rid of it, you can simply trim it back a little. Birch trees require a lot of sunlight to maintain excellent condition.

Be Wary of Borers

Birch trees are extremely vulnerable to boring pests, just like a lot of types of hardwoods. It can prove disastrous if the birch tree becomes infested with borers. For those who don’t know, wood-boring pests eat the wood of your trees. They literally chew into the bark and eat it for nutrients.

Though there isn’t any way to totally protect birch trees from every wood-boring pest, you can alleviate the possibility of an infestation if you use a pest control or preventative program. You can begin with getting rid of dying or dead branches from the birch tree. After that, you can inspect your tree on a routine basis for indications of an infestation.

Use the right pesticide to get rid of the pests if you notice any wood-boring pests. This will help you control the infestation right away.

Choose the Right Place

If you really want to properly grow a birch tree, the first thing you have to do is pick the right place. Almost every variety of birch requires cool environments with quite high humidity. Long drought spells can be extremely dangerous to the health of your tree since birch trees have shallow and short roots. To prevent this issue, it is suggested that you pick a place that obtains a lot of moisture throughout the year. Keep in mind that you’ve got to pick an area that is shaded for better water preservation.

If you follow the tips mentioned above, you can easily take care of your birch tree.