Everything You Need to Know about Landscape Construction

There are two major categories with landscaping and that is Softscapes and Hardscaping. Softscapes refer to the process of installation and services involving horticulture, plants and other organic materials. These include the installation of a turf, shrubs maintenance, trees and the like. Hardscaping refers to the landscape materials that are usually heavy and are foundations of the actual landscape. Examples of hardscapes are decks, flagstones, walkways and even water features.  

These construction projects are usually permanent installations and are a great investment to your home. Not only does it add aesthetic and curb appeal, it also increases the return on investment due to the significant increase in market value of the property for its landscaping should you sell it in the future. This project is expected to be costly that is why you need contractors that are already experts in the landscaping trade so that your money will surely be worth the while.  

Here are some of the things you should consider before you start with your landscaping project: 

  • Inspect the area – do a survey around the landscape before you call in a landscaping contractor for a consultation. Check for possible damages and problems so that it can be resolved prior to the consultation. Remember that estimates would be higher if the contractor sees potential damage and risk in the area. 
  • What is it for? – Think about how you will be using the space, who and what is it for. This will give you a concrete idea on how to build your landscape.  
  • Analyze before subjecting to change – before anything else, double check the areas that you love and if you want to have it changed. There may be a beautiful tree that gives you great shade but instead you want to put a water feature there and then you end up regretting it later.  
  • Do your research – look at all of the possible references you could have. Books, online, magazines etc. This will give you design ideas and maybe even help you with the budget.  
  • Talk to your contractor honestly – once you start estimating with your contractor disclose everything with them, there is no need to be shy. Tell them all of your expectations and budget. They will be honest with you as well. 
  • Double check and be extra careful – hiring someone to do your landscaping is a tough decision most of the time. Usually you end up with bad contractors that squeeze your budget and it shows. Landscaping Services Surrey makes sure that you get what you want for your landscape at a reasonable price. They also have great references and a portfolio so you can just check that out to let their work speak for itself. 
  • Landscaping requires consistent maintenance – installations and refurbishments with the landscape need to be inspected from time to time to be maintained. Usually some of the work needs to be done by contractors as well.  
  • Make sure you get it – keep all of the necessary contracts and make sure you have read it thoroughly before signing it.